‘Summer Blues’?

The very first of my fashion installments is regrettably influenced by ‘Summer Blues’. No, not a blog post on wearing gorgeous shades of aqua (although that is an idea…! How about this teal dress!?) ‘Summer Blues’ refers to the UK Summer – which has been pretty dire. Now, what better way to liven up a dreary wet day than some FLORAL PRINT!?

Yes floral print has been everywhere lately. Floral print dresses are always an essential Spring Summer fashion trend, but this year it has spread to denim too: Denim floral print jeans and shorts have become a regular staple.

Mix prints with prints if you’d like to channel Lady Gaga or Jessie J and be noticed. How about these citrus print leggings? Or, channel Katie Holmes, The Saturdays girls and many others – for a subtle yet eye-catching floral print jeans combination. You’ll find floral print denim almost as versatile as your standard jeans: mix them with a white linen trilby or some chunky knitwear, a graphic Tee (this one is too cute!) or keep things understated in a simple plain top and flat shoes.

If your legs are up to it, get inspired by Emma Stone, Rhianna (in Topshop floral shorts) and grown up glamour like Katherine Jenkins – and wear floral print shorts! But, if even floral jeans are too radical – why not at least wear a sheer floral blouse with denim. Here are a couple for you to check out: pansy blouse or petal print. Why not search ‘floral’ and see what you can come up with? Many more new styles and items to come! Oh, and don’t forget to share any good ideas you have… Don’t let’s allow miserable weather to stop our summer wardrobe from blooming!

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