January brights: Classic inspiration

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean colour is over for the next few months…

Inspiration picture – who could forget Carrie Bradshawe’s New Year’s Eve jaunt? In high heels, fur coat, and sequin beret over her pyjamas!


Well… This sequin beret would liven up even the most lacklustre bundled black coat and jumper outfit!

sequin - beret

– these beauties will be coming soon! – they’re up!

faux fur black bag





Without resorting to real fur: A real winter treat is this faux fur bag

black knitted sequin fox jumper sweater





Otherwise, a jumper even if black, can be forgiven if there’s a cute sparkly animal on it 😉






Inspiration picture – how about an unexpected pop of yellow like my personal style crush Olivia Palermo?

This pretty PU leather glossy yellow flower bag is another great Topshop bag which is on sale


Keep checking in for many patterned trousers, a signature Olivia Palermo look, which always looks fresh against the cold. New stock arriving shortly – here at Toppingyou blog.

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